Historic Shady Lane Wedding

December 23, 2022

historic shady lane wedding photo of a couple holding hands walking in front of a staircase while one of them holds a bouquet of flowers

Picking the venue for your wedding is a big decision, and with so many places out there, it can be hard to settle on just one. That’s where I come in. If you are looking for the perfect spot that is elegant but still has that rustic vibe, look no further than the Historic Shade Lane wedding venue. 

This is one of my favorite wedding venues around the Lancaster area, and it has so much to offer. The venue itself is situated on 34 acres of land and has so many gorgeous features throughout. With its historic stone features, wooded areas, gardens, and a stunning glass greenhouse, you can’t go wrong with any spot on the grounds. 

One of my favorite features of this venue is the getting ready cottage and den (yes, you read that right, both!). Having a Historic Shady Lane wedding means no running around to different hotels or houses or rushing to make sure both sides make it to the altar on time. 

The cottage is a beautiful, bright space with plenty of room for you and your wedding party to get ready. No need to worry about cramming everyone in or not having room for your make up artist or hair stylist. The cottage is the perfect spot to relax and get ready for your big day with everyone you love surrounding you. 

The den offers a little more of a rustic and laid back vibe. With a foosball table, a dart board, couches, and plenty of room for activity, you (or your other half) will have plenty of fun before walking down the aisle to say I do! 

Both suites also come with a full kitchen which is amazing because it is so easy to forget to eat with everything going on before your wedding. This makes it easy to bring your favorite foods or snack and be able to make anything while you are getting ready! 

I love that this venue has two rooms for both sides to get ready in and it makes the wedding day overall much less stressful. There is way less coordination that needs to happen, and on a day as stressful as your wedding, small things like this can make all the difference. 

Now, when it comes to where you actually want to have your Historic Shady Lane wedding ceremony, there are so many amazing locations to choose from. You get to choose from one of six beautiful spots to say I do, as well as having a cocktail hour and reception location. 

The cobblestone lined Rose Garden offers a beautiful spot for your ceremony, with rose bushes and trees covered in ivy as a backdrop. 

The Bandstand (which I absolutely love) has a cement path leading up to huge white-washed tree pillars that are stunning. 

The Greenhouse Terrace features some of the beautiful stone walls found throughout the venue as well as gorgeous trees and flowers that will surround you. 

The floor to ceiling glass panes that encompass the Greenhouse creates an unforgettable ceremony location with a touch of elegance while still keeping that rustic feel. 

The Woodlands is perfect for any couple that wants something a little more outdoorsy. The location is surrounded by beautiful trees and creates an almost fairytale like vibe as the sun filters down on you. 

Finally, the Greenhouse Patio is surrounded by massive trees creating an amazing backdrop, while the area itself is lined overhead with beautiful lights. 

Once you say I do, the fun doesn’t end there. While you and your new spouse sneak away to get some photos after the ceremony, your guests can head over to the Greenhouse/Greenhouse Terrace or the Garden House to have a cocktail hour.

These locations are both gorgeous and offer plenty of space for you and your guests to mingle and walk around while enjoying their cocktails. There’s even enough room to have some appetizers set out to enjoy before the reception! 

Once you are ready to get the party started at your reception, you and your guests can head into the massive tent that the venue provides. Now I know what you are thinking, “I don’t want to have a reception in a tent”. But let me tell you, this is not your average tent. 

This tent is over 100 feet long and has four (yes, four) chandeliers, string lighting, plenty of room for everyone at your wedding, and beautiful white cloth draping down from the ceiling. 

Now let’s talk about what you actually get when you book a Historic Shady Lane wedding. First of all, you get all 34 acres to yourself. There are no other events or tours hosted during your wedding. 

You also get access to both of the getting ready suites, your choice of ceremony location, one of two spots for your cocktail hour, and the tent for your reception. Now, some venues may stop there, but not here. 

They also provide you with parking attendants and golf cart shuttles to use for your guests. There is electrical access at all of the ceremony locations, cocktail hour spots, and the reception. 

You don’t have to worry (too much) about the weather because they provide you with fans and heaters for free. All of the chairs and tables for your ceremony and reception are also provided, and they even set them up and take them down for you! 

There is even a separate catering tent with a refrigerator and freezer. They really did think about each and every detail to make this a perfect venue. If you are wondering if they will be able to fit all of your guests, odds are they will. A Historic Shady Lane wedding can accommodate up to 225 guests. 

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Once you say I do, there are so many amazing places to take pictures with your new spouse. Whether you stay around the Bandstand, head out into one of the beautiful fields, take a stroll along the road, or walk over to the beautiful stone staircases, each and every picture will be stunning.

Once golden hour and nightfall hit, you won’t be disappointed with the scenery. The string lights all around create for a magical feel and are the perfect way to cap off your dream day.

So, if you are still looking for a wedding venue and don’t know where to go, a this might just be the place for you. A Historic Shady Lane wedding is sure to be one you and your guests remember forever. 

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