Hazelwood Weddings: What a Wedding Here Looks Like

October 20, 2023

A groom dipping a bride for a kiss at their wedding at the Hazelwood Weddings Venue.

There are countless amazing wedding venues in Pennsylvania, but Hazelwood Weddings may just be one of my favorites. 

If you are looking for a venue that is modern, has tons of space and natural light, covers everything from start to finish, and, most importantly, puts inclusivity at the forefront of everything they do, this is the venue for you. 

Let’s take a look at what makes Hazelwood Weddings such an amazing venue for any wedding. 

About the Hazelwood Weddings Venue 

A couple and their wedding parties smiling and celebrating in front of a large white building.

Hazelwood Weddings was born out of the desire for owners Kate and Adam to create the wedding venue they dreamed of having when they were getting married. They struggled to find a venue that stood out while also being upfront about everything involved with having a wedding there. 

What came out of this, is a modern and clean venue that is fully climate-controlled with 18 acres of beautiful land surrounding it. The venue isn’t overly themed or decorated so they really created a space that can be transformed into whatever you want for your dream wedding. 

Aside from just the venue itself, they also have so many areas around the property that you can use on your wedding day. Whether you want an indoor or outdoor ceremony, want a private space to escape with your partner, or need the perfect getting-ready suites, they have you covered. 

The venue can host anything from an intimate elopement to a small micro wedding to a full 150-person wedding! 

Plus, they are upfront and clear with their pricing with no hidden add-ons so you can budget your wedding out right from the start. They truly did take everything they wished they saw when they were planning their wedding and put it into Hazelwood Weddings! 

Locations Throughout the Property

While all of that is amazing, you still want that perfect place to say I do or dance the night away with your closest friends and family. Let’s dive into all of the beautiful spaces around the property that you can use for your wedding. 

West Patio

The West Patio is a dream spot to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. The patio is beautifully set up and has string lights running above it. 

Once you make it down the aisle, you’ll be saying I do with a gorgeous open field and wooded area behind you. Whether you want to decorate the area or let it speak for itself, you will end up with an unforgettable place to say I do. 

Reception Space

The reception space is the perfect place to celebrate your new marriage with all of your friends and family. You have beautiful chandeliers hanging above with tons of natural light coming through the windows. 

The space itself was created with a very sleek and minimal vibe to it so you are able to decorate and transform it to match your wedding however you would like. There is also a ton of open space here so you have plenty of flexibility when it comes to the layout. 

You will also enjoy the benefit of this space being climate-controlled so whether it is a blazing summer day or the middle of winter, you and your guests will be totally comfortable! 

Open Fields 

For those perfect, intimate photos with your new spouse, Hazelwood Weddings has tons of open fields for you to escape to. Not only do they provide some privacy for you and your partner to have a few moments together, but they also have amazing views. 

Tall grass, flowers, fall colors, and perfect sunsets are just the beginning of what you are going to find here. The panoramic views create the perfect backdrops for stunning portraits you will cherish forever. 

A bride and groom in an open field during their first look.

Veranda and the Fire Pit

While you and your partner are off taking pictures and spending some time together after your ceremony, your friends and family can head over to the Veranda for cocktail hour. 

There is a beautiful, covered patio here with fans to help keep you cool during the summer. The surrounding lawn is a great place for people to hang out or play some lawn games. 

Plus, you have a beautiful, stone fire pit that you and your guests can enjoy, especially as the sun starts to set! 

Garden Pavilion

If you are planning on having a first look, this is the perfect place to do it. The Garden Pavilion is a small area tucked away from everything else. There are benches around three of the edges and the pavilion itself is simple but elegant. 

Surring it are tall, green plants with a few flowers to add a pop of color. However, it’s not filled with tons of colorful flowers so whatever the color scheme of your wedding, your pictures here are sure to turn out amazing. 

The Parlor

The Parlor is a great space for tons of different things. There is a really cool mural painted on one of the walls that makes this area unique. 

If the weather outside isn’t great, this is the perfect alternative place to do a first look. This is also a great place to take indoor portraits or to set up your guest book for your friends and family to sign as they enter the venue. 

If you do choose to have a photo booth at your wedding, the Parlor offers the perfect setup. Instead of having to take up a chunk of your reception space, you can set it up here and get the best of both worlds!

Preparation Suites

Finally, we have the preparation Suites. What I love about these compared to other venues is that they are both gender-neutral and very minimally decorated. 

You’ll have plenty of space for you and your wedding party to get ready. With couches, comfy chairs, and a bar-like table attached to one wall, you have everything you need to prep for your walk down the aisle. 

Plus, there is tons of natural light in these rooms so your getting-ready wedding photos will turn out amazing!

A flower covered arch at the end of an aisle of chairs in an open field wedding venue.

My Favorite Things About the Venue

I have had the opportunity to capture weddings at a ton of different Central Pennsylvania wedding venues, but Hazelwood Weddings definitely stands out among the crowd. Here are just a few of my favorite things about it. 

LGBTQIA+ Friendly

First and foremost, Hazelwood Weddings is very LGBTQIA+ friendly. They put a big emphasis on being open and welcoming to any couple regardless of gender, sexuality, or religious beliefs. 

One of the main ways they stand above other venues when it comes to this is with their preparation suites. So many times, you’ll find venues have a “bridal suite” and “grooms suite” or have suites that are decorated overly feminine or overly masculine. 

Instead, they created rooms that are gender-neutral and cater to anyone, regardless of how they identify. 

A large open building with wedding reception table and chairs set up.

Exclusive Planning Team

Not only do you get a wedding at an amazing venue, but you also get a top wedding planning team to help you put it all together. Hazelwood Weddings works with Taryn Blake Events to help you create the wedding of your dreams. 

The team at Taryn Blake Events is very experienced and work with Hazelwood Weddings for all of the events that are thrown there so they know the ins and outs of every inch of the venue. 

This experience and the knowledge that they bring to the table is unmatched and makes your wedding day there stress free and exactly what you want!

Custom Furniture

Included in your wedding package are also all of the chairs and tables for your wedding, cocktail hour, and reception. Now this may not seem like a big deal, however, this isn’t just some Ikea furniture that looks the same as every other wedding you have been to. 

Hazelwood Weddings has a directory of furniture that includes custom-made wooden furniture that is absolutely gorgeous and will elevate your wedding to the next level. 

Engagement Session Options

Finally, they also have options to have your engagement session at the venue. While this may not seem like that big of a deal, there are a few reasons why I love this. 

One, you get engagement photos that are going to be absolutely stunning and match the vibe of your wedding photos. You also don’t have to stress about booking another place for your pictures or coordinating when you can go somewhere without tons of crowds. 

Two, this gives you a chance to walk around and get a feel for the venue before your wedding day. You have some time to explore the venue, find spots you love out in the fields, and make notes of spots that you want to revisit for amazing portraits on your wedding day! 

Final Thoughts About Hazelwood Weddings

You can’t ask for much more than what you get with Hazelwood Weddings. They have done an amazing job making the venue not only beautiful but also very well organized. This means you can sit back, relax, and have the wedding of your dreams. 

If you’re still looking for that perfect photographer to capture these amazing moments for you, click the link here to get in touch!

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