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Branding Sessions are about more than simple headshots. We are working together to build an entire experience for your ideal client based on trust and connection before they even reach out! Not only will branding photos help you make a perfect first impression, but it will increase your revenue with brand continuity. Clients are more likely to book if they know what to expect visually. Brand photos will get you there.

Why do you need one?

Branding Sessions


✦ 15 min discovery call
✦ 60 min mentor call or in person meeting
✦ Individualized guided PDF including mentor call notes
✦ 30 min follow-up call

Schedule your mentor session so we can REALLY dive into your brand to make the most out of your Branding Session!
✦ Bundle includes everything from the Branding and Mentor Session Packages

Photographer Mentor Session -
$250 down, $245 before our scheduled call

Branding + Mentor Bundle -
$250 down, $240 before your scheduled call, $495 before your session

✦ 120 min photography session
✦ 3 separate outfits and/or “sets” to maximize
your time and photo usage
✦ 100+ edited images (option of RAWs for photographers only)

Branding Session -
$250 down, $545 before our session

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