My goal as your photographer is to capture you as your most genuine self. If you like gut wrenching belly laughs, blooper photos as much as the “good ones”, and cheesy jokes that make your eyes roll, then welcome home! Known to never take myself too seriously, my ultimate goal as a wedding photographer is for your guests to ask you if we are friends in real life. I want you to feel SO DAMN comfortable in front of the camera that it’s as if we’ve been BFFs for years. Hey bestie!!!

As a hopeless millennial, probably trying a bit too hard to hold onto her youth, I always try to bring fun and lighthearted energy everywhere I go. Life is just too short to sweat the small stuff, peeps!

bringing colorful fun to colorful people

Eating way to much Spicy Ramen at 11pm.

My Toxic Trait:

Spirited Away, Donnie Darko, and Kill Bill. (The hospital whistle tune from the Kill Bill movie has been my ringtone for the past five plus years. Iconic scene.)

Three Movies I'd take to a Deserted Island:

My Starbucks order is always
Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

Starbucks Order At the Moment:

A True 2000's Emo Aesthetic Themed Wedding, The Office Themed Wedding with a photo booth replicating the interview room, or A Rave Wedding

Ultimate Bucket List Wedding to Photograph:

Bumpy Piggy Back Ride, Airplane Arms into a hug, Tipsy Walk

Favorite Couple Poses to Photograph:

Anything from a good live band OR past 9pm when things get rachet

Favorite Wedding Reception Song to Dance to:

Fun Facts About Kylee

The York Flat


Meet the Kylee B Studio!

Located in Wrighstville, PA this 200 sq ft studio is full of warm and groovy vibes for you to fall even deeper in love with yourself. My goal with The Honey Club studio was to create an in-home space with a colorful atmosphere to bring joy and playfulness into your sessions.

Located in my most favorite part of my hometown… Downtown York, this 600 sq ft studio is finished with original hardwood floors, painted white walls, and three massive windows to let in ALL the natural light. With a moody mid century meets boho vibe, this studio is absolute perfection for cozy boudoir and lifestyle sessions.