My goal as your photographer is to capture you as your most genuine self. If you like gut wrenching belly laughs, blooper photos as much as the “good ones”, and cheesy jokes that make your eyes roll, then welcome home! We will run, frolic, sing, and even play games together during your sessions. This gets you out of your head and into the moment. You’ll be amazed at how easy it all becomes!

With my heartstrings always pulled by nostalgia, I find myself artistically influenced by anything from the laid back vibes of the 70’s to the punk rock aesthetics of the early 00’s. As a hopeless millennial, probably trying a bit too hard to hold onto her youth, I always try to bring a fun and lighthearted energy everywhere I go. Life is just too short to sweat the small stuff, peeps!

Ordinary Is So Last Year

Eating way to much Spicy Ramen at 11pm.

My Toxic Trait:

Spirited Away, Donnie Darko, and Kill Bill. (The hospital whistle tune from the Kill Bill movie has been my ringtone for the past five plus years. Iconic scene.)

Three Movies I'd take to a Deserted Island:

My Starbucks order at the moment is a Sweet Cream Cold Brew. During the holidays, Caramel Brule Latte is my jam!

Starbucks Order At the Moment:

A True 2000's Emo Aesthetic Themed Wedding, The Office Themed Wedding with a photo booth replicating the interview room, or A Rave Wedding

Ultimate Bucket List Wedding to Photograph:

Bumpy Piggy Back Ride, Airplane Arms into a hug, Tipsy Walk

Favorite Couple Poses to Photograph:

Anything by Lizzo, Megan the Stallion, or Cardi B

Favorite Wedding Reception Song to Dance to:

Fun Facts About Kylee

Spooky Halloween Wedding

Ultimate Bucket List Wedding to Photograph:

Slow motion running, touching noses, the "almost kiss"

Favorite Couple Poses to Photograph:

The Killers Mr. Brightside

Favorite Wedding Reception Song to Dance to:


Dublin Ireland, Temple Bar Elopement

Ultimate Bucket List Wedding to Photograph:

Classic Face to Face, Hands all Over Each Other, Kissed Everywhere

Favorite Couple Poses to Photograph:

Hall + Oats You Make my Dreams Come True

Favorite Wedding Reception Song to Dance to:


Fun Facts About the Associate Team

An associate photographer is a photographer that works under the business of the main photographer on their behalf. The option of booking an associate photographer comes into play when the main photographer is already booked or unavailable for a wedding date, if the vibe of a wedding would best fit one of the associate photographers, or if a client looking to save a little bit of cash by booking a slightly discounted associate photographer wedding package.

When you book your wedding with an associate photographer on the team at Kylee B Photography, you still get the complete client experience by having communication and guidance from Kylee in the months leading up to your wedding day. Kylee also receives all the images from the associate photographers to edit all of your gorgeous photos.

Each associate photographer is hand picked by Kylee based on their similar photography styles and fun personalities that bring the same warm and vibrant energy to your wedding day.

What is an Associate Photographer?




Meet the Associate Team!

Check out Danielle's Portfolio

Danielle’s favorite pictures from a wedding day are the little moments where you forget you are being photographed at all. The first kiss after you’ve walked away from your ceremony. The little looks you give each other during the toasts. The faces you make while dancing with wild hair and no cares.

Her two main goals on any wedding day are to keep you relaxed and in the moment and having fun and to capture every perfect moment in beautiful photos. Gone are the days of stuffy, prom poses and overly serious photos. Danielle is all about the real moments, real laughs, and real connections.

She is so grateful to get to spend her days hanging out with bad ass couples during their happiest moments and flexing her creative muscles while working with amazingly talented photographers like Kylee B!

Check out Lizzy's Portfolio

Lizzy’s favorite part about photography is that it gives the invaluable, superhuman ability to freeze a fleeting moment in time.

Her favorite images to capture are the candid, intimate, and natural moments. She enjoys getting goofy with her couples and making them feel completely relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera. She firmly believes that your photos should reflect YOU and will bend over backwards to make sure that they do… and that’s saying a lot since she’s like 6 ft tall!

Lizzy drinks too much coffee, has watched all seasons of The Office in their entirety more than once, and lives in Lancaster with her husband, goofy dog, and fiercely private cat.