8 Tips for Stunning Getting Ready Wedding Photos

October 28, 2022

getting ready wedding photos

Your wedding day is one of the most magical days of your life, and you want to remember every moment from the minute you wake up to the minute you go to sleep with your new spouse. One of my favorite parts is when I get to capture your getting ready wedding photos. 

There is so much that goes on while you are getting ready for your wedding. There are so many laughs and memories created in just this small amount of time, and you want to remember every single one of them. 

When it comes to capturing the perfect photos, there are a couple of things you can do to make the photos turn out even better! Here are my top tips to capture the most stunning getting ready wedding photos! 

Tip 1: Get ready in a room with ample natural light. 

Yes, there are a ton of things that we can do after we take photos to edit them, but nothing beats natural light. Getting ready in a room with natural light will ensure that each and every one of your photos pop and stand out. 

Having this natural light will help ensure that we are able to capture super detailed photos. We can even play with how the light shines into the room to get some really unique photos that you will love. 

Tip 2: EAT and stay hydrated. 

With so much going on, things like eating and drinking can easily slip your mind. It may be a good idea to have one of your wedding party members or someone who is going to be with you all day keep some snacks and some water on them to make sure you are eating and drinking. 

This will not only make sure you are able to make it through your wedding day, but it will also keep you energized and in high spirits. We all know how we get when we are hungry, so we want to do everything we can to avoid that. 

If you are full and hydrated, your pictures are definitely going to have a more upbeat and joyful vibe which is exactly what we want to see on such a special day in your life! 

Tip 3: Wear something you’re comfortable in. 

This is very, very important. There is so much that goes on and so much you have to do BEFORE you actually put your wedding outfit on. Being stuck in uncomfortable clothes for hours on end while people are doing your hair or your makeup or while trying to hang out with your bridal party can be super frustrating. 

With all the stress and nerves that come with your wedding day, the last thing you want to do is add unnecessary discomfort with your clothes. I would suggest wearing your favorite clothes that are loose and breathable. You can even get matching outfits with your bridal party if that is something that makes you excited. But, it is very important that you test what you are planning on wearing before the day of your wedding to make sure it is comfortable. 

If you do end up in something uncomfortable, it may make you feel awkward or stiff and then can come through in your photos sometimes. Instead, you want to make sure that you feel relaxed and can easily move around so your more authentic self can shine through in the photos! 

Tip 4: Don’t overschedule your morning. Leave some wiggle room in your timeline! 

I know that a lot of people love to have a set schedule on their wedding day so they know where they need to be and what’s going to happen throughout the day, and that is great. But be sure you give yourself some free time in your schedule. 

First of all, things almost never go to plan, and that’s okay! If you schedule everything back to back, you may end up feeling super rushed and may not have time to sit down or take a breath. You also want to give yourself time just to sit and enjoy the day. 

This is such an important day in your life, and you should be able just to pause and take it in every once in a while. Adding a little wiggle room in your schedule lets you do that and can help keep things more low key so you are not feeling super rushed or always behind schedule! 

Tip 5: Make sure your family and your wedding party know when they have to be ready/dressed on your wedding day. 

We all have that one friend or that one family member who loves to do everything at the very last minute. This is why it is very important that everyone involved in your wedding knows when they have to be ready, especially if you are planning on having them help YOU get dressed or doing a first look with them. 

Most of the time, this means that everyone around you will need to be ready before you are so they can help you put your outfit on or do final touches with you. Whatever it is they are helping you with or doing with you, it’s super important they know what the schedule is. 

I think some of the most memorable getting ready wedding photos are the ones where your friends or family are helping you get dressed or reacting to see you for the very first time. The last thing we want is for those people to miss out on that moment or to feel unprepared! 

Tip 6: Keep the area where you plan to get in your dress/suit clutter free. 

person tying their shoes

Okay, I know that this one can be really hard, especially if there are a bunch of people getting ready in the same room as you. But this is a super small thing that you can do to make sure your getting ready wedding photos turn out great. 

Keeping your space less cluttered will not only make you less stressed, but it will also keep the background for all of your photos super clean and simple. I don’t think anyone really wants to see all the makeup and hairspray or all of the pre-wedding clothes and snacks in the background of all of their getting ready photos. 

Taking an extra minute or two to make sure everything is put away while you are getting ready can make all the difference in your final photos! 

Tip 7: Stay off your phone and live in the moment. 

This is such a special day for you and your partner and is one that you really want to be present for. My best advice is to give your phone to someone else in the morning and not touch it again until after your wedding day is over. 

There is so much you need to focus on to get ready for your wedding, and you should just be able to enjoy yourself without worrying about talking to everyone who may be coming to your wedding. If people need information from you on your wedding day, direct them instead to your wedding planner or one of your friends/family members instead. 

Not only will it help you live more in the moment and really enjoy the time you are spending with the people closest to you, but it will also help your photos turn out amazing. I mean, how disappointed would you be if you got your photos back and half of your photos from where you were getting ready were you looking at your phone?

While it may feel like it’s hard to give up your phone, trust me, it makes all the difference! 

Tip 8: Practice putting on any undergarments/tape BEFORE your wedding day, so you are able to breeze through the process! 

This one may seem a little weird, but it is definitely one that you should keep in mind. A lot of times, you are wearing things or using things on your wedding day that you have never used before. This can make things a little bit more difficult and awkward when it comes to actually getting ready. 

Take some time before your wedding day to just do a quick test run putting everything you are going to wear under your outfit just to make sure you know how everything should look and feel. Having this little bit of practice can help make your getting ready process go a little smoother and can help you avoid any embarrassment when it comes to actually putting on your outfit! 

And there you have it, my top eight tips to help you get the most beautiful getting ready wedding photos. I absolutely love those photos and hope that these tips will help yours turn out how you always imagined they would. Still looking for the perfect photographer to capture these moments and everything else on your wedding day? Click here to get in touch and see how we can make that happen!

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