7 Colorful Wedding Photography Ideas that Vibrant Couples Will LOVE

December 12, 2022

colorful wedding photography picture of a wedding couple standing in a room with colorful furniture and decor throughout

We’ve all seen the classic black-and-white or minimalistic aesthetic at countless weddings, and yeah that works for some people but what about the less traditional couples? If you and your partner are looking for something a little more unique, then colorful wedding photography may be the way to go! 

Why settle for average when you can stand out and create a wedding that you and your guests are sure to remember? Not sure how to make this happen without looking cheesy? Here are some of my favorite ways to create colorful wedding photography that you will LOVE! 

Ditch the white and opt for vibrant colored outfits 

If you are looking for a surefire way to make all of your photos stand out, vibrant colored outfits are the way to go. Now, this may not be the best bet for every couple, but it is a great way to add that pop to your wedding and be sure it’s one everyone will remember. 

If you do choose to go this route, there are a few important things to keep in mind. First, try to avoid having tons of different colors throughout the rest of your wedding (in your decorations, flowers, venue, etc). Since you want your outfits to be the main focal point and source of color, you don’t want to have too many other colors clashing in the background. 

Second, be sure you and your partner’s outfit colors go together well. You can find the perfect outfit in just the right color but it may not look great in your photos if your partner’s color choice doesn’t compliment yours. 

Along with your partner, be sure to also get outfits for your wedding party that match yours while still ensuring your outfits pop. This can mean dressing them in more neutral colors or just having them in a less vibrant shade than you are in. 

Add pops of color into your make-up or accessory choices 

If you don’t think you want to go the route of vibrant colors for your full outfit, there are still a ton of ways to add some color into your outfits. Adding pops of color into your make-up (like your eye shadow for instance) is a great way to show off some of your colorful personality in a more low key way. 

You can also do this through some of the accessories you wear during your wedding. Colorful ties or vests can add a bright pop along with things like bright colored shoes, funky socks, or vibrant jewelry. 

This may also be a slightly easier option than the full outfit. It is most likely going to be a lot easier to find accessories that match the vibe you are going for and you may even be able to match the colors with your partner to create a beautiful, cohesive look.  

Pick out bright colored flowers 

Flowers are one of my favorite ways to create colorful wedding photography and there are a couple of different ways you can do it. 

You can opt to just have some pops of color in the flower for you and your wedding parties (ie bouquets and boutineers). This will add some beautiful color to your individual photos and the photos with your wedding party without showing off that color throughout your whole wedding. 

However, if you are looking for that pop in all of your photos (not just the ones with you in them), then a great way to do this is to choose vibrant flowers for all parts of your wedding. This will add plenty of color that you will be able to see on the chairs lining the aisle, in the centerpieces on your reception tables, you can even have your flower girl toss bright colored flower petals instead of the traditional red or white. 

One of the reasons I love this option so much is it adds so much energy and life to your photos, even just the ones of the empty venue or tables. 

Make some bold choices with your color scheme 

Your color scheme can dictate a lot when it comes to your wedding’s vibe. Most of the time, weddings will have pretty similar color choices and they tend to air on the more neutral or toned down colors. 

But, why settle for what everyone else is doing when you can show off more of your personality and have some fun with bold colors. These can add great pops of colors throughout your wedding and venue. 

You can also do this without making it seem over the top or excessive. A great way to add these bold colors is to only have one or two in your color scheme. These can be used as accent colors or secondary colors. Pairing these bold colors with more neutrals like black and white can make it easy to work these colors into your wedding in a super natural way. 

Toss in some special effects like smoke or prisms to add more color 

Having colorful wedding photography doesn’t mean that every part of your wedding has to be super colorful. Instead, you can use some special effects in your pictures to add that pop to specific pictures. 

Some of my favorite things to use to quickly add color into your are smoke and prisms. These are super easy things to incorporate into your wedding and your photographer may already have some of these that you can use. 

Prisms are a great option for individual pictures of you or you and your partner together. Since it is a relatively small and localized effect, it is a little harder to incorporate into bigger settings (like photos with your entire wedding party). 

However, that’s when things like smoke can come in. Smoke is great for those bigger group photos and it can also be a great way to have a little fun and show off more of you and your wedding party’s personality. 

Chose a colorful venue or add pops of color throughout with your decor 

If you’re looking to add color into your wedding but want to stick to more neutral colors when it comes to your clothes and flowers, there are still some perfect ways to do this. 

Picking a venue that has vibrant colors is one super easy way to make your photos pop. It also doesn’t just have to be the venue itself. For example, if you choose to have a city wedding, you can look for venues around areas with street art or colorful buildings. These will add those vibrant colors to your photos without you having to lift a finger! 

You can also add some colors in through your decor at your wedding and reception. These smaller details can be easy to incorporate and don’t have to be anything over-the-top. Things like napkins, table numbers, and small decorations on the chairs and tables can help create the perfect pop in all of your pictures! 

Create fun colored cocktails or have vibrant desserts

Who doesn’t love fun colored food? This is something that most people won’t think about when trying to add color to their wedding, but it is a fun and unique option. 

If you are having a cocktail hour at your wedding with specialty drinks, consider adding some color into those drinks. Most bartenders will work with you and your partner to create a few drinks for your reception so this is the perfect chance to curate some colorful cocktails! 

Not having a cocktail hour? Instead, you can add some color in your desserts. Whether you are having the traditional tiered cake, cupcakes, gelato, or anything in between, you can add splashes of color throughout to make them pop. 

These are sure to create some beautiful detail shots, but they will also make for some light and fun reception photos as your guests enjoy these treats! 

So, if you’re looking for some colorful wedding photography there are a ton of things that you can do throughout your wedding to make that happen. Whether you want to go all out or add more subtle pops, you are sure to get the perfect photos! Still looking for the perfect photography to take those colorful photos? Click here to get in touch and see how we can make that happen!

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