Wedding Detail Photos: 8 Ideas and Tips

November 11, 2022

wedding detail photos of a watch, tie with tie clip, and brown shoes laid next to each other

Planning your wedding is super exciting, and you spend a lot of time going over every single detail, from your invitation to your flower to your jewelry. With all the planning that goes into this, wedding detail photos are super important to ensure each and every one of these details is captured forever. 

Where there is not a ton of planning you have to do on your end for these detail photos (as much of this will be handled by your photographer), there are a few important things to keep in mind to make sure you get all the best photos. 

Here are some of my top tips and ideas to get the best wedding detail photos! 

Color Scheme 

Before we dive into the different things photographers will need to be able to take your wedding detail photos, I wanted to talk about color schemes. It is super important that you let your photographer know what your color scheme is before your wedding day. 

Many photographers have extra little styling items that they can bring along to elevate your detail photos even more. However, these items depend on what your colors are. Giving this info to your photographer will help them figure out what exactly they need to bring to make sure you have the best photos you can! 


While you may not really think about your invitations after you send them out, they are still an important part of your wedding day that you want to remember. It can be super hard to keep a physical copy of your invites throughout the years, so having detailed shots of them from your wedding will ensure you are always able to look back on them. 

It is important that you have at least two invitations that you can give your photographer on your wedding day. This way, they can take photos of both the front and the back of the invitation in the same flay lay shot. 

You can also give them the envelope you sent it in (if you opted for a more decorated envelope) so they are able to capture everything together for you. 


Rings are a super important part of your wedding, and you probably spent hours searching for the perfect rings. We want to make sure that we can capture them and highlight how important they are to this day. 

Ideally, we would have both your wedding bands as well as your engagement ring, so we are able to lay them all out next to each other. Don’t worry, your photographer will be very careful with your rings and will be sure to keep them safe. 

Once the detailed pictures of the rings are shot, your photographer can also make sure to get the rings back in the hands of whoever needs them during the wedding ceremony. 

Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

glass box with small jewelry in it laid on top of feathers and flower petals

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. We’ve all heard the saying before, and most of us will probably follow through with it. These items, especially the something old and something borrowed ones, are most likely very special or sentimental and something you definitely want to remember. 

These detail shots are a perfect chance to get all of these items photographed together for you to remember. You can also coordinate with your photographer to figure out the best time to take these pictures, so it doesn’t interfere with you getting ready as well! 

Sentimental Items 

There are a lot of little things that you carry around or use on your wedding day that mean a lot to you. Whether it is things that have been passed down in your family for generations, something that is important or memorable in you and your partner’s relationship, or something that was given to you to celebrate your wedding day, we want to make sure you remember it. 

Let your photographer know what items have sentimental value to you and why they are so special. Giving a little bit of background on why you cherish these items can help your photographer capture them in the best way possible and tell your story through them. 

It is also good to let your photographer know what these items are in advance (if possible) so they can start to plan out how they want to photograph them and make sure they set aside enough time to capture everything! 


Flowers overall are a major part of your wedding, but nothing is more front and center than your bouquets and boutonnieres. I think these are super important to capture not only because of the part they play in your wedding but also because this is one of the few things you can’t keep forever. 

When it comes to your flowers, it is important that your florist is able to get your flowers to your venue early so your photographer can get some shots in before you need them. Your photographer should be able to give you an estimated time frame for when they are going to take the flay lay/detail photos, so you are able to coordinate with your florist to make sure your flowers are there. 

If you can, too, see if your florist can bring some of the clippings from your flowers when they drop them off. This way, your photographer can use some of the clippings as accents for your photos as well! 

Accessories (like shoes, jewelry, cufflinks, ties, etc.)

There are a ton of small accessories that you and your partner have for your wedding. I love capturing all of these smaller details, from your shoes to your jewelry and cufflinks to your tie, pocket square, and veil. These are some of the small details that can sometimes get lost in the bigger photos, but I think they are just as important and should have their moment to shine. 

Ideally, all of these items would be able to be photographed at the same time. That way, your photographer can tame some images of them individually and then together, almost telling the story of your relationship through your accessories. 

Even if you and your partner are getting ready in different areas, your photographer can get these wedding detail photos taken earlier and get all of your items back to you and your partner, so you are able to get ready on time. 

There is one exception here. If you and your partner are getting ready in two completely different locations that require driving back and forth, your photographer may photograph you and your partner’s accessories separately. This way, you can both get ready on time if there is not enough time to drive your accessories back and forth. 

Other Extra Small Signage or Paper Goods 

newspaper mockup announcing wedding with a brown paper bag on top

Finally, we have all of the other small signage and paper goods that are used throughout your wedding and reception. This can be things like table numbers and small decorations, menus, napkins, etc. 

This can even include some of the stuff from goodie bags (if you are planning on handing those out) or other small accents that you put thought into for your wedding and reception. Similar to the flowers, these are also super important because these items tend to be the ones that get thrown away or lost in the cleanup. We want to make sure that regardless of if you make out with a copy of them from your wedding, you will be able to remember them forever. 

With all the planning and thought that goes into your wedding, you don’t want to forget a single piece of it. Your wedding detail photos will help capture all of these small details and help you remember this special day forever. 

Now that you know what you need to do to get all of these photos taken, you just need to find the right photographer to take them. Click here to get in touch and see how we can bring all of these small details to life!

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