Favorite Wedding Trends from a Wedding Photographer

September 30, 2022

wedding trends

There are so many different ideas about how to plan your wedding and your reception that it can be hard to settle on what you want to do. With so many wedding trends to pick from, what is the best option for you and your partner? 

While there are tons of different options, there are a couple of things that I absolutely love to do and see at weddings. Here are my favorite wedding trends as a wedding photographer! 

Personal Details for Flat Lay Photos

One of my favorite things to do as a photographer is getting flat lay photos of all the small personal details of the wedding. I think that this is one of the most underrated wedding trends out there. 

You put so much time and effort into every little detail of your wedding so why shouldn’t those details be captured just like everything else at your wedding? Everything from your rings, shoes, veils, cufflinks, wedding invitations, jewelry, flowers, nothing is too small. 

I think these flat lay photos are also a great way to tell the story of you and your wedding through the small things that you find most special. 

Vibrant Color Schemes

While it may be a little more traditional to have a more muted or toned down color scheme for your wedding, I love shooting weddings with vibrant colors. I think colors are a great way to add a bit more of your personality to the wedding itself. 

I think there’s so much you can do with bright colors and it really makes your photos pop. It also creates a unique wedding that is memorable for you and your guests.

Just because your color scheme is vibrant, doesn’t mean every part of your wedding has to be super colorful. You can play with colors by wearing more muted colors and pairing them with bright flowers or accents. Or you can go the opposite way and wear vibrant outfits and pick more low key flowers and accessories to really make your outfits stand out. 

Private Vows at First Look

Your wedding is such a special day for you and your partner, but sometimes it can be a little hectic. It’s important to remember that this day is actually for you and you should definitely be able to have private moments with each other that you will remember forever. 

One of my favorite ways to do this is by doing private vows during your first look. While you will still do vows during your actual ceremony, this gives you a chance to do something a little more personal. You are able to say things that you may want to keep more private and then go through the more traditional vows in front of all of your friends and family. 

Private vows also give you a chance to spend some quality time alone with your partner which is something you don’t want to miss out on during your wedding day! 

Bubble Send Offs After Ceremony

couple walking up the aisle as bubble float around them

Doing a send off after your ceremony or reception is a great way to kick off your new life together and let all of your friends and family celebrate the start of your new life together. Most people will do send offs with confetti, flowers, sparklers, glowsticks, etc, but I absolutely love bubble send offs. 

For one, bubbles are a great way to do a send off without leaving any footprint. There’s nothing you have to clean up or worry about leaving behind. Bubbles also float much better and reflect the light to make for beautiful photos. 

You can also get little branded bubble bottles for all of your gifts. They can say things like your names, the date of your wedding, whatever you want. This is a great little keepsake that all of your guests can take home with them to remember your amazing night! 

Backyard Weddings 

Backyard weddings! While there is still a lot of planning that goes into them, I think this is one of the most underrated wedding trends. Backyard weddings allow you to get married in a spot that is personal and special for you and your partner, plus you don’t have to pay for a venue. 

I think this is a great option if you are looking to have a smaller, more intimate wedding with just your close friends and family. Backyard weddings also tend to be somewhat less stressful since it’s an environment you are used to and comfortable in. 

I think they still make for beautiful wedding venues and are a great way to celebrate your new life together. These weddings can be super simple, yet so beautiful. With just a couple of chairs and tables, your average backyard can be transformed into a magical space for a night that you and your guests will never forget! 

Clear-Top Tents 

Whether you’re having a backyard wedding or just an outdoors wedding, I love the vibe of clear tents. There are tons of different places where you can rent these tents for your wedding or reception that can fit all different sized events. 

I think there are some people who think of tents as being cheap but honestly, there are some simple things that can turn a plain tent into a magical venue. One of my favorite things about a clear-top tent as a photographer is that it allows your photographer to utilize natural light all night long. With a regular tent, it can become dark quicker and the lighting isn’t as great for photos. And if you have a clear sky day, you can see the stars right from your table when the sun sets! 

This can be a great way, too, to add a little bit of covering to your wedding or reception without having to go inside. You can even get a heater to put inside the tent to have your dream outdoor wedding during the colder months! 

Live Music 

Okay I know that this is a big debate: band or DJ. However, I love having live music at weddings. I don’t think anything beats live music and it adds so much life to the reception party. 

There may be a few more logistics to figure out, like how big the band will be or where they will set up, but this is a great way to add a more personal touch to your reception. Whether you find a band that you and your partner bonded over or one that matches the vibe of your wedding perfectly, I think this is a great addition to your ceremony. 

You can also have a backup playlist ready for any breaks the band may need to take during the reception so you and your guests don’t have to miss a beat on the dance floor! 

Sustainable Decor

This is definitely one of the wedding trends that is starting to become more and more popular but I think it’s super important to think about the sustainability of your wedding before making the final decision for your big day. 

There are a lot of things that you can do to have a more sustainable wedding. For instance, most people have flower centerpieces on the tables at their reception. Instead of buying cut flowers for those centerpieces, you can opt for potted plants like orchids. This way, after the wedding is over, you can keep the plants, or plant them in the ground instead of just throwing them away. 

You can also think about how much waste your wedding will have. Instead of having plastic plates and cutlery, and paper napkins, you can opt for real dishes and cloth napkins. 

Finally, you can also opt to rent your decorations or donate/sell them after your wedding. Why throw out all of those beautiful decorations after your wedding when you can just rent them out or give them to someone else to use for their wedding? 

While this may take a little more thought when it comes to planning your wedding, keeping your special day sustainable is definitely worth it. 

Comfortable Reception Outfit Changes 

You probably spent a lot of time picking out the perfect outfit to say I do in and you will definitely look amazing as you stand up in front of all of your friends and family. But, one thing that the design of these outfits doesn’t always take into consideration is comfort. 

After you’ve said I do and are ready to hit the dance floor, why not change into something a little easier to move in? I love when couples have an outfit change in between their ceremony and reception. Not only does this add an element of surprise for your guests but it also ensures that you are actually comfortable throughout your reception. 

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on these second outfits and you can even make them as casual as you want. Whether you want to go for a little less formal outfit that gives you a little more freedom or a matching sweatsuit with your new spouse, this will definitely make the reception more enjoyable and comfortable for you! 

Whether you are looking to make your wedding a little more sustainable or looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, these wedding trends are sure to make your wedding a day you will never forget. Still on the hunt for the perfect photographer for your wedding? Click here to get in touch and chat about how we can make that happen!

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