7 Locations for Beautiful Outdoor Engagement Photos

October 14, 2022

outdoor engagement photos

So it’s time to take your engagement photos, and you’re not sure where to go? There are so many amazing locations to choose from that it can sometimes be hard to settle on one. Even choosing if you want to take outdoor engagement photos or indoor ones can be tricky. 

Well, I am here to help. I love outdoor engagement shoots, and I have shot at a ton of places. Some of them definitely stand out among others when it comes to the best places to take photos. Here are some of my favorite places to take outdoor engagement photos! 

Samuel Lewis State Park Wrightsville, PA

Samuel Lewis State Park is an 85-acre park that makes for stunning engagement photos. With so much space, you are sure to find places where you can get totally private photos to celebrate your engagement. 

There are a ton of beautiful spots you can go to during your session. One of my favorites is a massive overlook that gives you a view of both York and Lancaster counties. The fields throughout the park offer amazing expansive views, and the colors are incredible (especially in the fall). 

If woods are more your vibe, there is plenty to go around. The paths leading through them make for magical photos, and the rocks and boulders scattered throughout add a beautiful contrast of colors to your photos. 

Plus, the park is pet friendly, so you can bring your furry friends along for the shoot. Lauren and Nichole opted to do this, and I absolutely love how those photos came out. The park also does not require any special permits or fees, making it a perfect spot for your photos! 

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Longwood Gardens, Kennet Square, PA

The Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square is an absolutely gorgeous location for you and your partner to take your engagement photos. The botanical gardens are over 1,000 acres and have so many different spots to explore during your shoot. Honestly, there are so many places within the gardens that it will look like you went to completely different locations to get all of your photos. 

When it comes to flowers, there is a stunning range, and the colors are absolutely amazing. This is a perfect place if you are looking for a more colorful and vibrant shoot. There are also woods, fountains, water features, a conservatory, and more. Whatever you are looking for, odds are, you will find it at the Longwood Gardens. 

In the case of rain on the day of your engagement shoot, there is also an indoor option at the gardens, so you don’t even need to have a backup plan. While you can take pictures anywhere throughout the gardens, you will need to purchase tickets to get in, so keep that in mind. You’ll want to make sure you book your tickets ahead of time to ensure you are able to get in on the day of your shoot! 

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Codorus State Park Hanover, PA

Looking for a more low key location for your outdoor engagement photos? Codorus State Park in Hanover is the perfect place. Even better, the park is pet friendly, and there are no permits or fees required for you to have your shoot here! 

The park has a beautiful lake with plenty of room to walk along it. You can also grab a kayak or canoe and get some pictures right on the water. If you’re trying to avoid the chance of getting wet, you can head out to the docks instead to get some beautiful shots right over the water. 

If water isn’t your thing, there are also some beautiful woods and fields to explore. The colors throughout these areas of the park are stunning, especially as the sun is setting. There are even some picnic areas throughout the park with tables where you can take photos. 

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Overlook Park Lancaster, PA

Overlook Park in Lancaster is one of my favorite places to go for outdoor engagement photos. The location is gorgeous, and there are so many different places to explore that offer incredible backgrounds for your photos. 

One of my favorite parts about the park is the wooded line of trees with the walking path. The tall skinny trees give the area an enchanting feel and are especially beautiful at sunset when the sun peeks through the trees. 

The green fields in the park are the perfect spot to go and have a little fun with your partner. There is plenty of room to run around, dance with each other, whatever you want to do to show your personality. Once you are done in the field, you can head across the street to the small creek as well! 

If you’re looking for a bit of color, you’re in luck. There are some beautiful trees with colorful flowers that will add the perfect pop to your photos. You can even bring your furry friend along! 

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Devil’s Den Gettysburg, PA

Devil’s Den in Gettysburg is such a unique location and is an absolutely stunning place to go for your engagement photos. Whether you are looking for a place with some pops of colors or want something a little more dark and moody, Devil’s Den is the perfect spot. 

The dark boulders found here make for the perfect backdrop for more dark and muted pictures. I love how the rocks contrasted the darker outfits that Kirsten and Justin wore during the shoot and created the perfect vibe. 

If you want something a little more vibrant, the fields have beautiful flowers and grass that add the perfect pop of color to your pictures. Or you can head into the woods to catch a glimpse of the gorgeous trees. 

If you do choose Devil’s Den as your photo shoot location, be sure to plan to be there at sunset. The colors and views at sunset are second to none, and it’s something you definitely don’t want to miss out on for your outdoor engagement photos! 

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Downtown Spots 

If you’re not too keen on heading out into the woods for your photoshoot, check out these downtown spots instead!  

Downtown York, PA

Downtown York has some really cool spots to explore for your engagement photos. While this may not be as secluded or private as some of the other spots on this list, the photos you will get will be well worth it. 

There is a parking garage you can head to that has rooftop access and some colorful buildings as your background. I also love walking around the area and finding the colorful murals that are so impressive. 

If you want to mix in some indoor spots throughout the shoot, there are tons of bars and even an arcade that are photo friendly with permission. The arcade is one of my favorite spots to shoot at, and the vibrant colors make your photos pop so well. Sometimes being here helps you relax and have fun a little bit if it’s your first time in front of the lens. 

Plus, since you’re just in the downtown area, you can bring along your pets to be part of the fun! 

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Downtown Lancaster, PA

If you’re a little closer to Lancaster than York, the downtown Lancaster area is a beautiful place for your outdoor engagement photos. There are lots of really cool places around the downtown area that are perfect for a photoshoot. 

There are some really great parking garage rooftop areas that offer great views of the city skyline. But, what I really love about downtown Lancaster is the brick exterior of the buildings. Beautiful red, white, and yellow brick buildings can be found around the city and create stunning backdrops for your engagement photos. Even the streets and brick sidewalks are beautiful places for your session. 

If you are looking to mix in some indoor locations (or if the weather takes a turn for the worse during your shoot), there are some great coffee shops and record stores throughout the city that you can pop into for some pictures. Whatever it is you’re looking for, downtown Lancaster will not disappoint! 

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BONUS Indoor Location 

My Studios: The York Flat and The Honey Club Studio

If you are looking for a backup plan or if you and your partner would prefer an indoor location over an outdoor one, I have two studio options that give you the perfect place for your engagement shoot. 

My studios give you a totally private place for you and your partner to have your shoot. This is a great option, too, if you are a little more nervous or shy when it comes to taking photos. We can set up the studio to match whatever vibe you and your partner want for your shoot, and you can bring any additional props or mementos that you want for your pictures!

The York Flat

Located in my most favorite part of my hometown… Downtown York, this 600 sq ft studio is finished with original hardwood floors, painted white walls, and three massive windows to let in ALL the natural light. With a moody mid century meets boho vibe, this studio is absolute perfection for couples who want to get more cozy, especially during the colder months!

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The Honey Club Studio

This studio is full of warm and groovy vibes for you to fall even deeper in love with yourself. My goal with The Honey Club studio was to create a space with a colorful atmosphere to bring joy and playfulness into your sessions. So whadaya say?! Ready to have a freaking ball of a time?

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And there you have it, 7 perfect places for outdoor engagement photos (plus two bonus indoor ones!). Regardless of what you are looking for in your engagement session, you are sure to find what you are looking for in these locations. 

Need the perfect photography to go with the perfect location? Click here to get in touch and see what we can do to make your dreams a reality! 

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