Our Wedding Photography Packages and Pricing Explained

July 22, 2022

wedding photography packages and pricing

When it comes to wedding photography packages and pricing, there’s a lot more that goes into it than you may initially think. It may feel overwhelming to look at different wedding vendors’ options at a glance and be able to figure out what exactly the key benefits and features are in each package. That’s what this post is for; to discuss some of the most popular photographer packages that we offer to help you make your decision stress free!

Most couples have a specific budget in mind when planning their wedding, which is why it’s essential to take the time to consider everything that’s included in a wedding package. Luckily, most photographers, like me, will offer a tiered package system, so you can choose the wedding photography package that’s best for you.

Keep reading to learn all about our wedding photography packages and pricing.

Our Wedding Photography Package Features

To start, let’s talk about some of the features that some of our wedding photography packages have.

Complimentary Engagement Session

couple standing next to each other smiling and drinking

First up is a complimentary engagement session, which is included in our Full Monty Package and Vivid Memories Package! Sure, the main deliverable of this is so that you can have beautiful engagement photos to look back on, but there’s also a lot more that this session does for you.

For one, it helps you get accustomed to being in front of a camera. This is super helpful if being in front of one isn’t something that you’re used to. It also helps to break the ice a bit more between yourself and your photographer, which can make you feel even more comfortable on your wedding day. By the time your wedding rolls around, getting your photos taken will feel like second nature!

On that same note, you’ll be able also to learn the poses that your photographer likes to use before your big wedding day, so you’ll be a pro for your wedding pictures. It can also be a fun time to experiment and find what works and doesn’t work when it comes to your photos and what you two are most comfortable with.

You may be wondering… what can these photos even be used for? Sure, you can go ahead and share them on social media, but there’s a lot more to it. These photos can be used on your save the dates, on decor for your wedding day, or even in a guest book. The possibilities are endless!

Second Photographer

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The next part of our wedding photography packages and pricing that we get lots of questions about is about second photographers. You’re probably wondering, what’s the deal with two wedding photographers?

Well, with a second photographer, your photographer can essentially be in two places at once. 

For instance, when you and your partner are both getting ready in two different rooms or places, you can both have your getting ready moments documented at the same time. Or, if two fun things happen at once during your reception party, both can be captured! This also allows more angles and reactions to be captured during your wedding ceremony, too.

Another benefit to having a second photographer is that t’s basically an extra insurance policy. If something were to go awry with any of your photographer’s gear or memory card, there’s more gear to count on for backup!

Similar to a complimentary engagement session, our Full Monty Package and Vivid Memories Packages include a second photographer.

Film Photography

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Our Digital and Film combo packages includes instant and 35mm film photography coverage wedding day. Film photography is slightly different than digital in that it takes more camera knowledge and artistic skill to photograph. In digital, the photographer has the ability to look at the photos they have taken and adjust their settings if needed. With film, you do not see your results until the film is sent back from the developing lab. This “unknown” gives a layer of true authenticity to your wedding photos.

You’re probably wondering, why is that important? Well, these photos, along with your wedding day photos from getting ready to first look to the ceremony and reception, help to tell the full story of your wedding with an added touch of nostalgia. When put in an album, anyone can flip through and get your entire wedding story!

Preview Online Galleries (within one week!)

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Shortly after your wedding, I begin the culling process of choosing the best of all of your photos from your big day! Then, I start editing them. Of course, I want you to see some of these photos as soon as possible, so within a week of your wedding, I’ll send over an online gallery of some preview images for you to check out.

These preview galleries are the perfect opportunity to check out some of the photos taken during your big day. You can also send your preview gallery to your family and friends that attended your wedding while the rush of excitement from the day still lingers! Seeing these preview galleries is one of my couples’ favorite parts of my packages.

Preview galleries are delivered within one week for all of our packages.

Full Online Gallery (within 8-10 weeks)

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Within 8-10 weeks after the wedding, you can expect to receive your full online gallery of all of your images! This is like your preview gallery, but way more expanded, as it will include all of the edited photos from your big day.

With this gallery, you’ll be able to look through all of your images completely organized. I like to keep the galleries separated and easily navigable by what the photo is of – like getting ready pics or details – to make it simple for you to jump around.

This gallery is also where you’ll finally have the photos for yourself, so you can download them, get them printed, or even get an album directly through the Kylee B Photography team. It’s one of our popular add-ons!

Albums through us start at $800 and include a 10×10 album with matte pages and 20 spreads.

Full Printing Rights

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Printing rights vary depending on your photographer, but with our wedding photography packages and pricing, we give full printing rights with each package.

You’re probably wondering, ugh, what the heck does that mean? Well, it means that you get full rights to print your images for personal use. So, you can use them in albums, to put them in picture frames around your house, and more.

You’ll also be able to share these images on your social media. If you do, be sure to tag me on Instagram (@kylee_b_photography), so I can help share them more too!

9 Hour Wedding Coverage

person in their wedding dress sitting on a small couch putting on shoes

Last but certainly not least, our packages typically include 9 hours of wedding day coverage. Throughout the 8+ years photographing weddings, we’ve learned that 9 hours covers getting ready through reception without feeling rushed through your day. If you are expecting lots of travel, or want your photographer to stay till the very end of the reception, you may want to ask about adding on a couple extra hours.

Our Wedding Photography Packages and Prices

Take a look at our current packages and pricing for our wedding photography services as of January 2024!

The Vivid Memory Photo Package – $6,250

couple kissing after walking but up the aisle at their wedding

✦ Complimentary Engagement Session

✦ 9 hours of wedding coverage

✦ Two Photographers

✦ USB and Print Box

✦ Full Printing Rights

Digital and Film Photo Bundle – $8,750

candid film photography of bride and bridesmaids

✦ Complimentary Engagement Session

✦ 9 hours of digital photography coverage

✦ 8 hours of film photography coverage

✦ Two Digital Photographers

✦ Two Film Photographers

✦ USB and Print Box

✦ Full Printing Rights

Photo & Video Combo Package – $11,250

✦ Complimentary Engagement Session

✦ 4 hour Story Session (video)

✦ Two Photographers

✦ Two Videographers

✦ 10 hours of photo & video wedding coverage

✦ USB and Print Box

✦ Cinematic Film and Trailer

✦ Full Ceremony and Toasts Video

✦ Full Printing Rights

This post was all about our wedding photography packages and pricing! I hope that it helped you fully see the difference between our packages while also seeing what each of our features truly includes.

Once you know the wedding package that’s perfect for you, be sure to click here and get in touch. If you have any more questions about these packages, I’m more than happy to help!

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