I am horrible in front of the camera. How do I keep myself from looking totally awkward in my photos?

how long have you been in the photography biz?

Should we be worried that you haven’t photographed at our venue before?

Do you limit the number of photos we RECEIVE based on which package we choose?

Do you include a second photographer in your wedding packages?

How long does it take to RECEIVE our photos?

Where are you based? do you travel?

I'm Sold - How do I book you?

First, making sure you look good in your photos is my job, and I will NOT do you wrong. Second, my secret to capturing photographs that are natural and carefree while still looking gorgeous is through prompting over posing. In short, I will never pose you and tell you to smile, or tell you to move your pinky finger one millimeter to the left. I create fun, interactive scenarios and prompts to bring your photos to life! With every gorgeous photo, there are always 20 hysterically awkward and unflattering images to go with it. My shutter button is usually grabbing about 5 photos per second or more. Don't worry, no embarrassing cross-eyed or ugly-laugh photos will make it to your final gallery... well, maybe one just to give you a chuckle or two.

I have been trained in photography since I was 14 years old, taking black and white film as well as digital photography classes throughout my high school and college years. And to be straight-up honest, I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to get a steady job as a photographer, so I graduated college with a teaching degree. Fast forward a few years to our wedding day, I was totally amazed at how freaking cool the wedding industry vendors were in my community.  Going through the wedding process as a bride 100% inspired me. After we got married in 2015, I asked for a new camera for Christmas. The following spring, Kylee B Photography began. Two years later, I knew I had to make the choice to take it on as my full time gig. It was terrifying, but OH AM I GRATEFUL I made that choice when I did!!! Now, I am more motivated and driven than ever to bring my all to every single session, wedding, and shoot for my people.

Most people have the mentality that a photographer who has already shot at a specific venue before is going to do a better job than a photographer who hasn't. Sorry, but I have to kindly disagree. Personally, I LOVE photographing at new venues and location I don't get to photograph on the daily because it is WAY more inspiring to create art with fresh eyes in a new space. I also get in touch with your venue and coordinators/planners ahead of time to make sure we are all on the same page before your wedding day so it runs smooth as butta! And I am always willing to go visit a venue before the actual wedding day if I am shooting there for the first time. 

I always encourage a second photographer with wedding packages with more than 5 hours of coverage. Having a second photographer at your wedding will give you more freedom in your timeline, allowing your photographer to be in two places at once. You will also get multiple point of views without worrying about your photographer becoming a distracting mess, running all over the place during your ceremony. It is also a MAJOR plus to have a second photographer because more photographers = more memory cards = more backup = an extra built in insurance policy! I reach out to other lead wedding photographers in the area to be my second photographers. These are people that I have worked with in the past and trust 100%. All of my second photographers that I use have similar shooting styles so you are sure to have consistency throughout your gallery of photos. You are also more than welcome to meet your scheduled second photographer prior to your wedding day.

You will never see me picking, choosing, and calculating which photos I do and don't include in your gallery to meet a specific number. I honestly don't think it's fair to withhold potentially fantastic photos from my couples based off which package you choose. You deserve it all! I cull through every single photo that was taken on your wedding day and deliver every photo that fits the criteria of a good photo in your gallery.

Of course, you'll never want your wedding day to end. But when it does, you'll have a bunch of awesome stuff coming your way to look forward to! Within a week after your wedding, you'll be sent a generous preview gallery with some of my favorite captures of your wedding day in both an online gallery and slideshow form. You will have access to download your high resolution files, order prints and print products, and share your photos to your friends and family from this online gallery. And you can feel free to share your slideshow as well! After 6-8 weeks from your date, your full wedding gallery will be ready for you to view. Engagement and other lifestyle sessions have a 2-3 week turnaround.

Kylee B Photography is based in the Central Pennsylvania area, but we are always ready to travel and explore! If you are planning a wedding outside of PA, or even the United States, we would absolutely love to join you and photograph your special day. Please reach out to us so we can chat about your plans and we can create a custom wedding package just for you!

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